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Maggie Beer and Trapped Emotions

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burnt_fig_honeycomb_and_caramel_ice_creamSo you might wonder what has Maggie Beer got to do with “trapped emotions”?   The answer is that after releasing your trapped emotions and becoming more of your authentic self, if you love ice-cream, then   Maggie Beer Ice-cream   may well be on your immediate first thing to get / do “list”.    When I first became aware via a television program that Maggie now produces delicious varieties of ice-cream, I stopped myself from rushing out and buying at least one tub, expensive at $8 or $9 for a teeny 500 ml tub !!    I decided it was a luxury and I wasn’t deserving of it right then, and should stick with the boxes of Magnums and Drumsticks, etc. that I like to eat alot of.

The time has come to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax …….. no, no, no that is the Walrus’ line in “Alice in Wonderland” as he talks to the Carpenter in their mission to woo over the poor little baby oysters, so they can eat them.    The time has come for me to try Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel ice-cream !!


It all began with a friend helping me to realise that many us of have got trapped emotions, or emotions (frustration, sadness, loneliness, fear, unworthiness, the list goes on … ) that we have had in the past but not released, so they have literally stuck to us as energetic forms and created a “heart wall” around us.   The “heart wall” is an imaginary barrier that a person unconsciously places around her or his core self (heart) to keep oneself safe, because it doesn’t let much in.  It is selective and has pores or acts like a sieve, and the problem is that it sometimes doesn’t let good things in as well as not letting bad things in.

When someone pays you a compliment and you stare at them blankly and give no response, that is probably the heart-wall in action.  It won’t let you feel the pleasure or joy or contentment of that compliment, let alone allow you to believe it, or if you do feel a glint of such emotion, the heart-wall will soon boomerang it back to the sender, making you fall back into your usual silent malaise (discomfort or un-easiness).

Well, my friend has, over time, removed my trapped emotions from my energetic field, and now I am getting to know my authentic self again.  I did know it once upon a time, but then “Life” got in the way, also known as “difficulties and hardships” (and as other specifications) and my true self went down the plug-hole with the water, so to speak.   Removing trapped emotions, via the Emotion Code method, helps one to connect with or engage with one’s values and one’s feelings/emotions in every situation.   You no longer block out emotions, but you have to process them because you have acknowledged them.

I have found out that I am now re-assessing my “values” in terms of my interactions with others in the workplace, and am questioning my values, in terms of things like “am I being fair?” and “why do I have theses values?”, and especially “how can I work with my values?”    This episode in my Life is good for me because it is helping me to establish my boundaries, hopefully in a pleasant manner to others.

Who can resist Vienneta ice-cream?  Lots of it here in this Video

Ever felt that you have been on the “treadmill”, and I’m not talking here about physical exercise.  Lately I have been feeling “burnt out” from helping people so much (vouched for by my partner saying to me that I am a good and kind person, but many people aren’t like me).  Some things that some people at work have said and done have upset me, but I appreciate that I am to learn from these situations, for the betterment of all.   I desire a peaceful and equitable world for ALL and because of that I am now re-calibrating myself, so that I can both stand up for myself (but not nastily) and experience more happiness and joy, now that my trapped emotions have been un-trapped.

It isn’t easy to handle, once your emotions which you have sub-consciously trapped over years and years, so that they have built up a wall that may literally be 5 metres thick or more, have been eliminated.    One has to look at oneself with fresh eyes, not so much in terms of whether one’s values have changed over time (because they probably haven’t, but their expression has been repressed), BUT in terms of how one deals with those values, when relating to others!  This takes time and being gentle with oneself.

Note, that it is not a fault or a flaw or a laughing matter to have “trapped emotions, and it is a real phenomenon that can happen, to varying degrees.  I have experienced its effects and the effects of them being removed.

Of course, once you are more your authentic self, the time has then come for you to celebrate, say by eating a whole (or part) tub of Maggie Beer’s ice-cream !!  If I ever stop eating for a while, the reason will be because I am really depressed.   When I am depressed, I stop eating, rather than start eating comfort food, as many others do.

I am different.  When I am happy I eat small amounts of comfort food.  The time has come now for me to express my self-worth, so that I can further contribute to this lovely world of ours, by treating myself to Maggie Beer’s ice-cream.

I haven’t eaten it yet, but I’ll let you know how it is.   🙂


Author: Star Wise

Bookaholic and Peace-aholic, and Animal lover, I try to spread peace and fairness for all, and appreciation of, and proper use of the wonderful world we live in. Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

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  1. My partner and I loved the ice-cream …… and we are sure u will too. Go on, you are worth it. 🙂