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Armadillo Healthy Creations – Morecambe United Kingdom

Zofia and Annie Willis. Photo: Gabriel Szabo/Guzelian

Zofia Willis, 27, from Morecambe, Lancashire,
with her daughter, Annie, 8
Photo: Gabriel Szabo/Guzelian, 2010


I just watched “How the Other Half Lives” Series 2 Episode 3 and was so touched by Zofia and Annie Willis.  They are so humble and appreciative of their fortunes / blessings, and so accepting, it reinforced these characteristics to me, as I watched as the Prankard family gave young mother Zofia financial assistance to keep her house, and then helped Zofia to re-start her business.

Armadillo Healthy Creations is now flourishing in Morecambe, U.K.

Visit Zofia’s website here.

I really found Annie a joy – she has such a beautiful happy character and is so very sweet.   Best wishes to Zofia, Annie and to Julia, Simon, Jessica and Jamie, and to Zofia and Annie’s dog companion too.

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