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Crayon Scratch Art – a blast from the past

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Here is my masterpiece in “crayon scratch art” that I made when I was a youngster.   It was achieved by first using different coloured crayons to cover a piece of white paper with stripes and crosses and goodness knows what.   After that, I then laboriously coloured over the top of the whole thing using a black crayon!   Next, I determinedly set to with a pin or some sharp object to scratch a rustic scene into the crayon matrix!

This piece of artwork has somehow survived the 30 plus years since it was created.  When I recently found it I did have to spend some fascinating time staring at, trying to work out what the heck the perspective was.   At first, I thought there was a roof-top in the background, until my partner solemnly pointed out to me that if such was true, well, then, there was a chicken on the roof-top.   He said alot of effort had been put into the picture and he could see a chicken coop with 2 chickens in it, in the upper left of the picture.

Peering closely at the crayon work, I delightedly said “I see it, you are right, and there are a road and a tree too in the picture.”  My partner pointed me out too in the picture, but I said it wasn’t me because I don’t have curly hair, plus I wear glasses.

However, in retrospect, I now really do think the girl by the fence was intended to be me (albeit a new & improved me).   There is alot of detail – the Collie dog with a bone, the slinky cat, the bin for the feed for the horse, the hay for the horse – and a round yellow blob – which I think is just that.   I can’t remember it intentionally being a light bulb or anything like that, but then again – I couldn’t remember the chicken coop either …..


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