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So, for my Birthday (14th September), I gave myself something I knew that I would like ! 

It is a gorgeous bangle studded with Mexican Fire Opals from Jalisco.

Here is the description from the Ruby Lane online store, that I bought it from.

This is outrageously gorgeous! It covers the top of your wrist with 7.25 carats of firey, crisp, marquise cut Jalisco Mexican fire opals.

This is a heavy weight at 30.16 grams of platinum over sterling silver.

This will fit a small to medium size wrist measuring 7.5 inches. At the center point in front this bracelet measures 15mm and slowly tapers around to the back at 8mm.

The under gallery on this bracelet is completely finished for added comfort and beauty. It has an insert style hidden clasp and a snap bar safety closure as well.

This bangle has brilliant and evenly matched deep fiery orange opals totaling over 7 carats… The workmanship on the silver is superb.  Completely finished under gallery on the top and bottom for a smooth and silky fit.  Has a plunge tongue and grove closure and hidden fold-over safety clasp for added protection.

I am very pleased with this bangle, although I have to admit the “tongue and groove” box clasp is difficult to un-do.  Luckily I have very small wrists and find that I can just slide it over my left hand and it sits nicely on my left arm.  I would prefer to wear it on my right arm but only managed to un-do the clasp once.  My right wrist is slightly larger than my left (as I am right-handed) and it is a squeeze getting the bangle over the knuckles of my right hand, although for some reason, I find it easier to “glide” it, or rather coax it, back over my hand to remove it.

Anyhow I really shouldn’t be forcing it too much, I know. My partner and I both had attempts at un-clasping it, resulting in one of the little “tear-drops” on one side of the centre round opal coming out, and the metal of the bangle being re-shaped from oval into round.  It seems the metal is somewhat “soft” or malleable, to do that.  There is no manufacturer’s mark on the bangle.  In this case, I don’t mind the re-shaping, as round suits my arm more than the original oval shape!

The Fire Opals sparkle in the sun-light, and Orange is my favourite colour, well, one of my favs as green, is also well liked by me.  Come to think of it, I love all colours in this lovely world of ours.    So many people in town wear black, but not me !!  If anyone reading this, has any tips for how to easily un-do the clasp, please do let me know.  I would appreciate your assistance.


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