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Are you going to Scarborough Beach?

The Beach

The beach is a vertical cross-section

of jewels and mother-earth

The sea is sapphire-blue

The “top-soil” is burnished gold

by the setting sun

Beneath it runs a seam of milky opal

The opal lies on precious

silver grains of sand

and a film of mother-of-pearl shimmers

at my bare feet

Written by Celine

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Sunset at Scarborough Beach


Western Australia – a great place to live.   Spring has just sprung here Down Under, while in the Northern Hemisphere, the opposite season, Autumn has only just begun.  Sounds like a song to me !  The photos above are of Scarborough Beach, Western Australia, and were taken by me using my sister’s Nikon D40 digital camera.  The suburb of Scarborough is 14 kilometres north-west from the capital city, Perth.

Having a penchant (obsession ?) for statistics, data, and numbers (being a quadruple Virgo), I gleaned the following settings for the camera, from the Properties tab of the photos.  Isn’t technology wonderful?

Focal length:   26mm

F-number:         F/5

ISO speed:          ISO-400

Exposure:          1/100 sec

Now, I have no idea what all the configurations above mean, as I am a basic / amateur photographer.  By that I mean I just aim the camera, press the button, and hope for the best !

Perhaps an interesting note of “history”, is the fact that the photos were taken on the weekend of the –

“Great Storm of Perth in 2010”

The first 2 photos were taken on Sunday 21st March 2010, at 10.31am and 10.32am (if you must know), and the 3rd photo showing the storm clouds brewing, was taken on Monday 22nd March at 10.32am.  The photos were taken from the Observation City Hotel in Scarborough.  I got home, to the southern suburbs of Perth, just after midday on the Monday.  The storm reached the southern suburbs by 4pm that day.

An excerpt about the storm from “Perth Now” follows.

March 22, 2010.  WILD storm has caused chaos across Perth, cutting power to thousands, flooding homes, damaging cars and setting off a landslide in Kings Park.

Golf-ball sized hailstones pelted the city from 4pm, smashing roofs and cars while flash flooding closed trains stations, schools, roads and shopping centres. 

More information about that storm is available by clicking  here   for those interested.

And, now, below is my master-piece of photography (a lucky shot really)  –


Sunset at Scarborough Beach, Western Australia.

21 March 2010, 7.21pm

This photo really does literally show  “the calm before the storm”.   You can read 2 more of my short poems about the beach at my peace site, by clicking    here    if you want to.

To finish of, If anyone wants to make a comment on this post by giving me a crash course on what the camera settings mentioned above mean, please go ahead !  I would be delighted to add to my existing store-house of knowledge.

Western Australia is a very pleasant place to live in, the land of the Sandgropers (because of so much sand / coastline).   The people are very casual / laid-back and friendly, the air is fresh and clean (out of the city), the drivers are mad and impatient (so, what’s new?) and contrary to the perception of some that Perth and its surrounds are boring / dull, the great out-doors is breath-taking and full of adventures (swimming / fishing / sun-baking, sunset gazing, hiking, jogging, picnicking – amateur and professonal photography).

I rest my camera (or at least  I rest my case)


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