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Create your own doll-sized Galadriel mirror dress

Galadriel’s mirror dress for Doll – by Denisa

If you love the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (and you like pretty dresses and /or sewing doll’s clothes), then you are sure to fall in love with this astounding recreation in miniature of Galadriel’s dress when she showed Frodo the mirror (in part 2, The Two Towers).  A very talented lady, Denisa, created a pattern to make this dress to fit a Barbie sized doll !

If you, or anyone you know, uses Denisa’s pattern to sew Galadriel’s Mirror dress, it would be great if you let us all know, by commenting here !!   I will not be sewing this dress because I am not a good sewer.  In fact, the only thing I have ever sewn in my life was a sort of “hoodie” jumper / top thing with caftan like sleeves and a front pouch pocket to put the hands in to keep warm.  I made it as part of Home Economics – Sewing while at High School, from a pale powdery blue shiny fluffy material from five pieces.  I was extremely proud of my creation and wore it too.  But something like Galadriel’s mirror dress would stretch my patience and my sewing abilities.

I reckon, though, if someone was clever enough, like Denisa, to make these dresses and put them on dolls, one could offer them for sale (to someone like me !).   Here are some more photos of this wonderful creative outfit by Denisa.   This dress beats all the official Barbie Galadriel dolls and Franklin Mint dolls, etc. by miles, in my opinion!

NOTE:   All photos are copyrighted to Denisa, and shown here by permission.   Click    here   to get the Pattern to make this dress.

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