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Happy Little Vegemites – An Australian-American Affair? Take the Poll

“The history of Vegemite is a fascinating story of the relationship of Australian industry and culture to global business and marketing.”

During World World II the Armed Forces in Australia were buying VEGEMITE spread in bulk, due to the product’s nutritional value. The company had to ration VEGEMITE spread on a per capita basis across Australia in order to meet the demand.  This advert appeared, with the text shown below.

He’s doing his bit for his Dad…

Young Peter loves Vegemite… and his mother loves giving it to him… but he’s not getting so much these days, as his mother says: “It’s nearly all gone to Daddy, Peter.” And she’s right! The Vegemite is needed for our fighting men.

So if you notice less Vegemite in your local shop, just remember that until we have won this war a lot of it will be going to the troops! Vegemite – the concentrated extract of yeast – the richest food source of the combined vitamin B1, B2 and P.P. (anti-pellagric factor). The food that helps keep the troops fighting.

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