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Welcome Home Olympic Athletes !


“Today I was able to attend the Welcome Home ceremony in Perth, Western Australia, for the return to Down Under of our 2012 Olympic Athletes.  I couldn’t see much because of the seething crowd of people around the athletes as they were each introduced according to the events they were in at London / the U.K.   However, I did grab a free Boxing Kangaroo flag, which has the message “Welcome Home” on the reverse side, from a volunteer organiser, recognisable by his green fuzzy cap that he was wearing.

Then I saw the red Nova Mascot staging a fight with Australia’s Boxing Kangaroo, and a Nova Radio station representative was taking photos of them.  After a fellow who was also looking on, asked for one of the Organisers to take a photo of him with the Boxing Kangaroo, I stepped right in and gave the Organiser my mobile phone & requested a photography session too.  I thought about giving the Kangaroo my official London Olympics programme to hold onto, but, realising he couldn’t because of the red boxing gloves, I held onto the Programme myself, along with my fuzzy topped pen and my Flag.

After the photograph I got to the 2nd front row around the fence where all the Athletes were, in a bid to get some Autographs.  I really wanted autographs on a page of my Programme, from Lauren Mitchell and Janine Murray, the two Gymnasts.  While I didn’t get them, a man in the front (whom said that Lauren was his niece) kindly assisted me, with handing over my Programme to anyone able to take notice of it, within the Athletes ring.  Eventually I got the autographs of Kynan Maley (slalom canoe event) and Chris Ciriello (bronze medal winning Hockey team).

This was only after some alarm at the thought of my being squashed in the excited, maddening crowd, with people all bigger than me looming ever closer and my feeling rather claustrophobic.  Toward the end of my stay, it began to rain lightly, and soon my glasses were dotted with rain-drops.  Still, I patiently waited (while wondering why there weren’t wipers for spectacles invented yet).

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Author: Star Wise

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