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I have had quite alot of “good luck” during my Life-time, and that has included my winning the above large soft plush toy a few years ago at the Perth Royal Show!  It is a Duckling, which I have named “Eggbert” and I won him on the “Pluck-A-Duck” game.   It is the game with a “pond” with cute floating plastic ducks floating around merrily on it, and to win, you have to take a pole with a hook on the end and dip it into the pond and grab a duck of your choice.

The games operator looks underneath the plastic duck that you fish out of the pond with your fishing pole, for a number.  I had a good look at the numbers on display on the board behind the pond and noted that I needed to get a ten to win a big prize.  I solemnly turned to the games operator and informed her “I am going to get a ten”.

She just smiled indulgently at me, and I paid my $5 and took a fishing pole.  I carefully examined the little ducks as they sailed around, imagining them to be real and connecting to the real spirit world whose essence I wanted to pick up in those plastic ducks.  I saw a little duck that was floating along at the back by itself, and I thought to myself “aha, a sad, lonely looking little duck, I had better pick that one.”  Without much ado, I scooped him up, and the lady looked at the bottom of the toy and said in astonishment, “it’s a ten!”

I grinned at her and she showed me the big toys I could choose from for my grand prize.  I pointed to a sweet looking duck-ling in a beautiful rich golden colour.  He is half as big as me.  I won him, and I have named him Egg-bert.

Eggbert is a cute, friendly and good companion for me.  I’m sorry the photo of him is a little blurry, but I have been having a hard time working out how to operate my digital camera!


Author: Star Wise

Bookaholic and Peace-aholic, and Animal lover, I try to spread peace and fairness for all, and appreciation of, and proper use of the wonderful world we live in. Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

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