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Typewriter Cat Art

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Typewriter Cat Art


So, I am still on the “back to childhood” creative path, and here is my latest work of art.   It is an orange cat’s face, which I made up myself on my typewriter, well, that is, using the keyboard on my computer.   She is sort of a Tabby, with a brown M on her forehead, green eyes, a pink nose, and she has her mouth open, perhaps in a gesture of surprise at suddenly appearing not only in pixels, but in X and in O, hahaha.  I used small letter o and capital letter X mainly for my work of art.


cat divider


Initially, I was quite ambitious and imagined a whole cat, not just a head.  I thought I should really add a bow-tie, for a nice finishing touch to just a head, but I got tired after laboriously spending quite a bit of time (for me) typing up my Cat’s head in free-hand style.   Perhaps someone else might like to finish off the bow-tie, I thought, so I am sharing my Word document with my Tabby Cat’s X and O head typed on it, at this link right HERE,   so please feel free to download it, and to add a Bow-tie and / or a body and even a tail to this X O rated cat.

It may be best to view the Artwork in Word at 200 percent magnification.  I copied it into a new page on Adobe Photoshop and increased the image size on AP before saving my masterpiece to my PC.

I guess she (my Typewriter Cat) could be the Cheshire cat, the floating cat’s head without its body.  There seems to be a few more floating cat heads in the Banner Divider I have used above. 

I hope that one day I will get ”  A ROUND TO – IT“, ………    that is, around to finishing of my Kitty’s body.

Now, if you REALLY want to see some “out of this world” creations of pictures using Typewriter Keys, you should see some of Keira Rathbone’s magnificent artworks, at the pages below!   ( P.S.  Someone said I could just fill the page with one letter, e.g. X and then colour some in, but I tried that & it doesn’t look as good.  Nor is it as fun as using different keys of the typewriter, as I have done for Kitty above. )

Keira Rathbone – Typewriter Art

Keira Rathbone – Home page

I see that Keira is selling her artwork also.  I like the Typewriter picture of Michael Jackson that she has on offer at her online Etsy shop as below.  I wonder how much someone would give me for my Typewriter Cat ?

( Just joking, of course )


%%% &**&%%%%


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