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Aziza demonstrates all about eyes – eye makeup

When I was a teenager, I kept diaries and in one of them I chronicled all the make-up types and brands that my older sisters had, because I loved their names and colours. I also somehow acquired a wonderful booklet called “Aziza demonstrates all about eyes“, about eye makeup.   I have kept this little booklet since the early 1980s, so I have had it for over thirty years now!  But it still has fabulous tips in it for making up the eyes, so I’ve scanned most of the pages.

You can view the pages by clicking through the Gallery (and if you like, you can click on  “View Full Size”).   To exit the Gallery, you need to click on the small X in the upper left corner of the Gallery view.   Nowadays, the Aziza eye makeup palette is quite different to the good old 1980s, but the tips in the booklet are priceless, I find.

Advertisement for Aziza Mascara

The eyes are on you ! Make them shine.


Author: Star Wise

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