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Typewriter Cat Art


Typewriter Cat Art


So, I am still on the “back to childhood” creative path, and here is my latest work of art.   It is an orange cat’s face, which I made up myself on my typewriter, well, that is, using the keyboard on my computer.   She is sort of a Tabby, with a brown M on her forehead, green eyes, a pink nose, and she has her mouth open, perhaps in a gesture of surprise at suddenly appearing not only in pixels, but in X and in O, hahaha.  I used small letter o and capital letter X mainly for my work of art.

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Hairspray the Musical, and David Attenborough showing in Australia

I have already posted about the 2007 musical movie of Hairspray on this site  here, and lately my sister told me that a show is now playing in the Eastern States of Australia.  So I checked it out to find that the final show at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney, Australia, will be in September 2012, but the shows in Melbourne close tomorrow apparently.  Not surprisingly, I can’t find a mention of the show coming to Perth, Western Australia, where I live.   Perth is a fairly isolated capital city, but I think it is a great place to live (and I have been here since I was a baby).

Perth is often over-looked for famous visitors, celebrities or shows.  On the good side, David Attenborough decided to have a Life on Earth show in Perth in August 2012, but all tickets were snapped up on the day ticket sales opened, on 18 June 2012!!   Then I found out, to my dismay, that “scalpers” are selling tickets way above the top asking price by Ticketek, on eBay.  I wish that only people whom genuinely want to see a Show buy tickets, not those who just want to re-sell them for a profit.

Tthe Hairspray show’s producers are Paul Dainty (Dainty Consolidated Entertainment) and Joel Pearlman (Roadshow Live).  DCE produced the original Mamma Mia! in Australia a decade ago and have the recent smash hit Jersey Boys about to transfer to Sydney after a record-breaking Melbourne season.  Roadshow Live brought the film version of Hairspray to Australian audiences in 2007, where it was seen by about two million patrons, while the subsequent dvd sales have reached impressive sales of 300,000 copies.

Anyhow, here   is the link to the Paramount site about the Australian production of Hairspray this year, showing events in Sydney and Melbourne.

There is another version of the stage show playing in Adelaide, South Australia until 28 July 2012.

Follow this link for Adealide shows:    http://www.weekendnotes.com/hairspray-the-musical/

Furthermore, there is a production playing in Wellington, New Zealand, in August 2012.   See   here  for more information.

Here   is some information about the cast of the Sydney/Melbourne musical, as the Paramount site doesn’t give much info abut the Cast.

The closest I can personally get to watching any of the Australian Hairspray Musical is watching the small videos on the Ticketmaster page below, which says:

HAIRSPRAY, the most critically acclaimed Broadway musical to open in Australia in recent times will play at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre, Star City for a limited season from 11 June, 2011.


The Lyric Theatre is a long way away from me, but – the Beat still goes on !

A Load of Poppycock

poppycock original treats

Poppycock original treats

Well, last Friday I nipped out to Target during my half hour lunch break, to look for chocolate Freddo Frogs with the hundreds & thousands on them!  To my surprise, I couldn’t find them, and the selection of chocolates in bags at Target was rather woeful.  So, sadly, I looked around for what else was on offer, and found – a load of Poppycock Cashew Lovers delights.  There are several types, but I tried the original, and they are really delicious, especially while enjoying watching a good movie at home.   A 190 gram bag cost me just less than $5.00 which is very acceptable for the caramelised popcorn and cashew treats.

The manufacturer’s description of this treat is as follows:

”An indulgent candy confection and a gourmet popcorn lover’s dream. Crunchy and splendidly scrumptious, Poppycock clusters are a decadent blend of fluffy popcorn and premium whole tree nuts—pecans, almonds, and cashews—all covered in our Amazing Glaze.”

I found, to my amazement, that some people actually do not like these gourmet poppycocks.  That is okay though, because of course we each have our own preferences, and that means more for me!   The range of gourmet popcorns manufactured by Orville Redenbacher, U.S.A can be viewed at their website, link below.


Conagra foods, link below, gives the history or story behind the poppycock.


I think I’ll go for a small canister of Pecan Poppycock next time, or maybe ….


Kalbarri Western Australia

I view God as a loving, divine, infinite power.  God is a force for love that exists in everything.  This force thus shapes the fundamental nature of all living things, including humans with their functions; physical, pyschological, emotional, and spiritual.  This divine force designed humans with the ability of ultimate choice or free will of attention, thoughts, feelings and actions.  A good person suffers, not due to God, but because of humans making choices with bad consequences.  God created a beautiful world for us to live peacefully and justly in, with compassion and love for all things.
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