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On Ice-cream and Being a Twin

Ice cream

I love ice-cream !

I am a twin.

Twins are like 2 different flavours of ice-cream.

People within a country are like several different flavours of ice-cream.

Hom sapiens are like multiple interesting flavours and colours of ice-cream

Humans & other living beings are like many, many different wonderful flavours and types of ice-cream

Ice-cream is good !

Whatever the flavour, I love ice-cream. Whatever the type – Magnums, Choc Wedges, Drum-sticks, ice-cream cake, Conoisseur ice-cream, soft serve, I like it.

Like ice-cream, we people are all Beings from the same stick or the same mold. You may have a preference to associate with Magnums rather than with Buckets or with Drum-sticks, or heaven forbid, you may not even really like ice-cream. But no matter what – there is a soft, sweet centre to all people – although it may be neutralised by turning oneself into sour milk or a frozen dark yoghurt.

If you are a twin, people will often ask you “what’s it like being a twin?” and when they do this to me, I just stare at them as if they are fruity. “What’s it like for you not being a twin” is running through my head. “Can you be more specific?” I ask them, and the replies range from “do you and your twin have ESP all the time” to “Can people tell you apart?”.

Well, here are my answers to these questions, and more.

  • There is a sensitivity or a subtlety sometimes between my twin sister and I, whereby one can sense when the other is feeling stressed, but this does not happen for every such occasion.
  • We do not constantly send telepathic thoughts to each other, and in fact, hardly ever pick up what the other is thinking whether we are in close proximity to the other or not.
  • We did have a unique mode of communication while we were younger, in terms of speaking very fast and almost at the same time, and not finishing sentences sometimes, but understanding the gist of what the other was saying.
  • Our voices are exactly the same, so that our mother found it impossible to tell which was which on the telephone if the girl did not announce who she was.
  • When we were younger, our brothers and sisters tended to give us the same of everything but in different colours for our birthdays and other occasions, and we hardly ever squabbled over the colour that we each got.
  • Our mother dressed us up in the same styles of clothes, but different colours, and one day when we were about 12 years old, we were arguing about whether to wear trousers or something else, and Mum advised us that we could each wear what style or type of clothes that each of us liked, even if they were different.
  • When we were younger, we did fight a bit, including throwing books at each other and smacking each other, and it always had to be even or fair, i.e. the same number of “assaults” upon each other.  After getting over our differences, we would then sit peacefully on our beds, reading books, oblivious to our disagreements.
  • We have similar values but many different interests.  I used to love making up fictional stories and telling them to my sister late in the night.  I would test her by asking “what did I just say” and when she woke up from a snooze and quickly replied with a few words, I would say “no, I said that ten minutes ago.  So you weren’t listening.”
  • When we were children, we did not play tricks upon people, pretending to be the other.
  • We used to look very much alike, but diverged more as we grew older. People did confuse us a lot.
  • Being twins has helped us to learn to live in peace and harmony with the other, and to extend that to people and situations beyond.  We have learned to embrace and appreciate our differences.

The most outstanding case of mistaken identity occurred when we were about 21 years old. My sister went into a hair-dressers to have her long hair cut short, then (not having been able to make an appointment at exactly the same time as her with another hair-dresser) I went in immediately after her, to also have my long hair cut. The hair-dresser turned white as a ghost, and gasped “but I just cut your hair”. After a pause I advised her, “oh, that was my twin sister.”

Life is what you make of it, I think, and whether you like ice-cream or not, and whether you are a twin or not, everything came from something that is wholesome, colourful, and nice (like ice-cream).  It is up to us as individuals to treat each other as “brother” or “sister” or even as a twin brother or twin sister if we are that close to each other.   My sister has told me that being a twin has helped her to see the uniqueness in every one, and to see all the uniqueness making up a harmonious whole.  We are all Homo sapiens, even if different “flavours”!

We divide our differences amongst our sameness.  Enough said, except make life a sweet one, and enjoy your next ice-cream!

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Author: Star Wise

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