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Chinese girl – “Green Lady” by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Chinese Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Chinese Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

While I was at my child-hood home, my parents had a large framed print of the 1950 “Green Lady” in our lounge room. The “Green Lady” is a beautiful young Chinese woman painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff, with her face painted green. I loved that painting and thought that the lady was so beautiful, sophisticated and elegant, even if she was green. In fact, I really liked her face being green, because to me it meant she was extra special – certainly she was very appealing or arresting and could not fail to get anyone’s attention. Green is also a calming, balancing colour, and symbolic of such quality.

The story of who the model is in the original first oil paintings of the “Chinese Girl” by Tretchikoff ” is marvellous. I found it at this link   here.  Tretchikoff painted the top of the woman’s tunic gold, although in some versions the tunic top is blue.  Some reproduction prints incorrectly show the Lady’s face as being blue.   The woman, Monika Sing-Lee, whom posed for Tretchikoff, has reported that the tunic she actually wore while being painted was pink and blue.

There is also a wonderful official website for a selection of original prints of Tretchikoff’s beautiful Asian ladies and other art work, at the link below.  It contains information about the timeline of Tretchikoff’s works.


An interesting WordPress blog mentioning Tretchikoff’s prints follow.


UPDATE:  You can read about the new book about Tretchikoff’s life by Boris Gorelik, on this Blog.

Just tclick on the Link below !


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