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Flippin’ Fun – Flip Books

Flip Book 1

Click on the first picture below, then advance through the Gallery.  Click on the small x in the upper left corner to close the Gallery.   Note, the pictures are a bit pale, because I quickly sketched them using light coloured pencils

Last week I had an interesting dream in which I was helping people draw some art work to put together some three part or three section Flip Books, the type in which you have a person with a head, a torso, and some legs.  With just 2 different pictures, you can arrange a booklet so you have 6 different combinations.   Above are representations of my 2 drawings that I did last week, followed by the combinations made by having three sections.  Following is a link to how to do your own Flip Book.  It’s really, really fun to draw your own pictures, and they don’t have to even be people, and then you can flip out over your own Flip Books.

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Peace in Practice





swan lake


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Hairspray 2007 Musical Movie

You can’t stop the beat
as it comes speeding down the track.
Child, yesterday is history
And it’s never coming back
Cause tomorrow is a brand new day
and it don’t know white from black
Cause the world keeps spinning
round and round
and my heart is keeping time
to the speed of sound.
I was lost until I heard the drums
then I found my way
Because you can’t stop the beat

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On Ice-cream and Being a Twin

Ice cream

I love ice-cream !

I am a twin.

Twins are like 2 different flavours of ice-cream.

People within a country are like several different flavours of ice-cream.

Hom sapiens are like multiple interesting flavours and colours of ice-cream

Humans & other living beings are like many, many different wonderful flavours and types of ice-cream

Ice-cream is good !

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Sweets,Lollies & Cakes in 1979 and Before & After

Price of Lollies in 1978 part 2

Price of Lollies in 1978 part 1

Where were you in 1978? I was a teenager in 1978 – buying lollies at the local corner shop! As one of my interests at the time was drawing and as I have an eye for detail and a penchant for paying attention to marvellous things like how much lollies cost, I took it upon myself to sketch a range of lollies and their prices, back in 1978! The prices are in Australian cents. Since 34 years ago, the prices have changed now, for example a 200g block of chocolate now costs about $5 instead of 95 cents. Of course, back in 1978, the 1 cent lollies, or better still, lollies at two for 1 cent were highly favoured. Nowadays, you have to spend $1 at the Deli for a small bag of sweets!

I love my sweets. You can see I liked some savouries too, from my drawings (namely pies). My favourite sweets were Rain Blo Pops and candy Myrtle the Turtles. I can still remember the day when the price of Myrtle the Turtles went up from 5 cents to 10 cents, a worrisome development to us kids. Strange that the Turtle shaped candies don’t appear in my sketches. Perhaps I couldn’t bear to put them in, knowing they would become extinct, or maybe I just couldn’t draw Turtles.

Great Britain is famous for its delicious chocolate bars (as my British born partner likes to tell me), and sadly, Australia, having such a hot and dry climate is not abounding with wonderful treats like Yorkies and Galaxies.

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Chinese Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Chinese Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

While I was at my child-hood home, my parents had a large framed print of the 1950 “Green Lady” in our lounge room. The “Green Lady” is a beautiful young Chinese woman painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff, with her face painted green. I loved that painting and thought that the lady was so beautiful, sophisticated and elegant, even if she was green. In fact, I really liked her face being green, because to me it meant she was extra special – certainly she was very appealing or arresting and could not fail to get anyone’s attention. Green is also a calming, balancing colour, and symbolic of such quality.

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